About El Aleph

Built in 2009, El Aleph’s design is based on the ancient traditional phinisi boats of Indonesia and yet she combines 21st century technology.

El Aleph represents the true spirit of discovery. She is broad beamed and well-ballasted and she offers unmatched stability and comfort. No detail has been left to chance in ensuring her guests utmost comfort and pure enjoyment while soaking up the sun and experiencing some of the most exciting and less explored parts of the world.

A charter on El Aleph is a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago - and beyond to Thailand, Burma and the Andaman Islands - in total luxury and privacy, far from crowded marinas and tourist beaches of the usual Asian cruising destinations.

Whether diving in some of the world’s richest coral reefs, climbing live volcanoes, anchoring in secluded lagoons, experiencing the fascinating cultural and natural diversity of villages and islands rarely seen by outsiders, or setting foot on an untouched tropical pink beach with no other ships on the horizon, El Aleph offers our guests the ultimate escape from the 21st century.

On Board Facilities & Accommodation

Beautifully handcrafted by the finest cabinetmakers in Bali (who spent more than 200,000 man hours on the final fit out) the attention to detail is unmatched by any other phinisi schooner ever built.

Also, unique among such traditional boats, El Aleph has a quiet boat mode where she can cruise for prolonged periods under electrical power with all her engines shut down.

Fully crewed and including a gourmet chef, cabin staff and scuba and leisure facilities, El Aleph offers every modern convenience, from individually controlled air-conditioned cabins and lounges to satellite communications. She offers DVD, TV, Stereo sound, a library, high speed broadband satellite internet and Wi-Fi on board.

What’s Included on Board:

  • Meals & All Snacks

  • Soft Drinks & Fresh Juices

  • Diving & Full Equipment (for certified divers)

  • Crew, including Boat Manager and Dive Manager

  • Harbour and Park Fees

  • Local Transfers

  • Fuel

  • Sea kayaks

  • Wakeboard

  • Bodyboard

  • Fishing equipment

  • Snorkeling Gear

  • Wet Suits

  • Nitrox

  • 6m fiberglass, 5.5m and 3m rigid inflatable boats


BEAM 8 m
DRAFT 2,7 m
GUESTS 10 (12 max)