Malnate ISLANDS TO EXPLORE - ALOR About the Island

Alor is the largest island in the Alor Archipelago in South Eastern Indonesia with an area of approximately 2800km². Kalabahi is the only town on the island with a population of about 60,000. The variety of goods obtainable in Kalabahi is surprising considering its size and location.

Alor is of volcanic origin and has a very rugged terrain. The region near Kalabahi is the only flat area. This is why the Dutch placed the capital and the main harbour here (Alor-Kecil) in 1911.

Life here is simple and wonderful offering a mix of cultures and filled with people of generous spirit.

Alor can be cruised in either May – July or November – December.

What to See & Do

The Alor islands hide a long list of splendors, from fascinating underwater wonders up to the unique culture of the highland people. Here, one will be indulged with spectacles ranging from spellbinding marine life, the unique Moko kettledrums, the oldest Al Qur’an in South East Asia and the traditional villages of the highlands.

The Beauty of Nature & Wildlife

A spot of fishing perhaps? Alor offers excellent conditions for fishing for Spanish mackerel, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna.

See a live volcano erupt? If the weather is with you, we can sail out to Komba, an active volcano on the edge of the reef plate where you can dive and hear the volcano rumbling away whilst underwater followed by dinner close by with a premium view to watch the fireworks as she erupts every 20-30 minutes!

Pilot whales and dolphin spotting? As an excellent bonus to the world class diving in Alor is the likelihood of spotting these beautiful creatures from aboard the boat.

What Its Waters Offer

Alor’s highly esteemed snorkelling and diving promise an increase in tourism in the future so come and see what it has to offer in its untouched natural state now!

The diving is considered to be a premium experience.

The underwater territory is marked by awe-inspiring walls and grandiose coral gardens that accommodate huge schools of varying reef fish that ply the pristine coral formations. The spectacular mountainous terrain is the result of volcanic action and the waters around the islands are known for their powerful currents – especially in the narrow straits that divide Pantar from Alor and Lembata. If you are very lucky, then you may even get to spot a hammerhead shark here in these waters!